Nirli Ryuntharn

The Heart of the Party

Eozera’s Very Own Repo Man

Doctor by Trade
Organ Harvester by Pleasure
Bartender by "Curiosity"

Zydrate comes in a little glass vial..

21+ Roleplayer
Bisexual, Heavily Male Leaned
Serial Killer Viera
Very Heavy Dark Themed Roleplay

Curiosity Killed the Cat y’know..


  • Age: Appears to be the equivalent of middle aged, his highlights make him appear older than he is.

  • Height: 6 fulms 1 ilm, or in common 6'1"

  • Hair Color: Dark Pinkish Red with Light Pink highlights(Events Pre-ShB); Dark Pinkish Red with Grey Highlights (Present)

  • Eye Color: Mismatched Pink(Left) and Purple(Right)

  • Accent: See if you can place it

  • Defining Features: Scar over his left eye as well as a beauty mark

At a Glance:

  • Sexual Orientation: Bisexual; Heavily Male Leaned, Sapiosexual towards women

  • Relationship Status: Wouldn’t you love to know, darling.

  • Current Residence: Private Room within his Free Companies House

  • Profession: Doctor during business hours, Organ Harvester after hours, Bartender by Curiosity, Serial Killer by Nature

  • Personality: Incredibly charming with intent to disarm and give a false sense of unguardedness towards him, so when it comes time for him to harvest, he gets to see that look of shock and terror.

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“Couldn’t resist wanting to know more could you? Curiosity like that, darling, could get you killed..”

First and foremost:

21+ Roleplayer
If heavy dark themes aren’t your thing thank you for being interested in this bun but;
move right along if you do not mind please and thank you.

Now that I have your attention:

  • Whatever content we write, will be self contained unless discussed with all possible parties(at length) about merging it into one timeline. I'm not about to ruin someone's in game roleplay environment due to partners not being informed. I'm not about that life and you shouldn't be either~

  • By requesting private scene roleplay, you agree that you are at minimum the age of eighteen though preferred if over the age of twenty-one, and agree that you have both the desire and the right to receive and/or participate in content written or designed for mature audiences.

  • Note that "content written or designed for mature audiences" is a broad cover-your-ass term, and that my willingness to participate in anything that requires said cover-your-ass disclaimers may vary.

  • If this is to be a long standing roleplay relationship/pairing, please understand that I do not spend my entire time within FFXIV to roleplay and will be spending time doing content and the associated things, so I humbly ask that you /tell me first to check if I have the time for a spur of the moment scene.

  • If I have the RP tag next to my name feel free to come up to me and start a conversation in game, though understand I may not be looking at my screen or even at my screen at that present moment. I ask for your patience, because behind the character I am a person(shocking I know) who does need to eat, sleep, and have bio functions.

  • I do have a life outside of this game. If we have a scheduled scene and I, for some reason, will not be able to make it I will do my best to give ample warning and reschedule. I will extend you the same grace. We're all human and life gets busy. No need to feel bad if something comes up and it postpones the scene.

  • I'm still new to the roleplaying world within FFXIV, so if I stumble or anything I ask your patience and forgiveness, but am not new to roleplaying in general.

  • Thank you for your patience and understanding! Let's have a good story!

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Heya! Thank you for checking out Nirli’s carrd! It may be a little bare bones but it warms my heart that you looked at it anyway.Time zone is EST, for the present moment anyway, and I’m usually online roaming around in 14.If you are the most interested in finding this boyo, he mainly will be seen at either The Harlequin or The Crimson Door where he bartends some nights during the week.

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